Not a fun day

26 Jun

Moving to a new place has its benefits. Like being at a new school,  having new friends, and having a new teacher. Like most kids, they get kind of nervous, a little happy, and shy. It could be hard to be at a new school, because you really don’t know anybody there. Tip to you from me is try to join in groups or clubs. It’s easier and faster to make new friends. So, find something to join, ask a trusted adult, and join in!

Yesterday, my friend invited me to her 9th birthday party which, was right behind her house. She had a bouncy house that was formed as a castle for her princess theme. Her little brother that turned 5 years old had the same birthday at the same day at the same time! So, I had to be careful, too.

I couldn’t join in the fun, because I broke my collar-bone just over 3 weeks ago and it all started just by a bouncy house and a gust of wind that came out of nowhere! My mom took me to a German hospital that didn’t work out so well. 😦 My brother, my mom, and I waited in the waiting room for over 4 hours! Then the nurse told us to do some X -ray, that’s when I notice that my head started hurting! When the doctor had the results he said that the collar-bone was fractured. My mom told him about my head and he just put his hand through my head and said it was just a bump and that it will go down. He had me take some motrin for the pain to help it. I’m getting much better by the minute, just need to take care of myself so it can heal better.

Will I have to run, bye!


One Response to “Not a fun day”

  1. armywife68 June 30, 2011 at 2:41 am #

    You give some great advice for kids and it could go for adults too. : )

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