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25 Jul

The first thing you want to do if you move some where is to study their culture. The culture is food, holidays, clothing, landmarks, and traditions. It’s best to also learn their history to understand what they been through and to see what they also found. It could also be nice to check their landmarks and their famous possession.

Here’s a tip: Never do anything bad to their landmarks. It could be disrespectful to your host nation and your family. It could take a long time to learn all of their landmarks, culture, and history before the move,  I still don’t know about Germany and I have been here for almost a year! Even if you don’t like where you live, give a yourself a chance and go out there to explore!  🙂



22 Jul

I know that moving to a foreign country can be hard by many different ways like, different money uses, different way of speaking, and different foods. When I first came here in Germany it was freaky, my family and I were going from house to house. They were temporary but, some of them felt like home to me! 🙂 I am also happy that I get to see new things in a different (yet cool 🙂 ) lands, like the Lou and Notre Dome in Pairs. It’ll help me make new friends and help me reach new goals and new wonders. Heres a tip: the best way to make yourself happy is to say to yourself “Hey, this is a once and a life time way to go out and have fun!”.  It will build you courage and self-confidence! 🙂 Sometimes kids will start saying that “I wish I was dead” or “I hate my life”. If you try to say it take a deep breath and think about how people might feel or what happened that was good. Or if you feel okay tell your parents or a trusted adult about how you feel about your new home!