22 Jul

I know that moving to a foreign country can be hard by many different ways like, different money uses, different way of speaking, and different foods. When I first came here in Germany it was freaky, my family and I were going from house to house. They were temporary but, some of them felt like home to me! 🙂 I am also happy that I get to see new things in a different (yet cool 🙂 ) lands, like the Lou and Notre Dome in Pairs. It’ll help me make new friends and help me reach new goals and new wonders. Heres a tip: the best way to make yourself happy is to say to yourself “Hey, this is a once and a life time way to go out and have fun!”.  It will build you courage and self-confidence! 🙂 Sometimes kids will start saying that “I wish I was dead” or “I hate my life”. If you try to say it take a deep breath and think about how people might feel or what happened that was good. Or if you feel okay tell your parents or a trusted adult about how you feel about your new home!


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