1 Aug

The worst thing about being in the military is your parent(s) deploying! 😦  No army brat has never been through deployment! For me it happens 2 years. What helps me go through this is an army brat journal. It shows the parent(s) how much you miss him/her or what has been happening through the deployment. You can get it by asking your counselor or your community center. Ask your parents for some of these books:

“A Special Family Friend and a New Adventure” by Hoffman and Sitler

“Will Dad Ever Move Back Home” by Paula Hogan

“All Kinds of Families” by Norma Simon

“If You Listen” by Charlotte Zolotow

“The Goodbye Painting” by Linda Berman

“The Giving Tree” by She Silverstein

And read a book called Army Brat Pack to teach you how THEY go through deployments!


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