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Last day of school

18 Jun

Hey guys, I’m back!! Since summer is already here and I for- got how to tell you guys about our 5th grade ceremony and my last day of school.
My 5th grade ceremony was kinda boring and exciting at the same time. We had the winners of the DARE essay and I didn’t win or really to be honest care. Not to be rude or anything but it really didn’t catch my eye. Then we got awards of learning skils. To my surprise I got one, dispite that mustly I like one 2’s and the rest ones. Then, came a memory I’ll never forgot. They called names for the presidental award. My mind went totally sad and moody and I though here we go.I knew I would never get it and I’ve been chasing for since 1st grade! And then Poof!, my name got called! I would’ve stayed there but my friends were nagging me nto go up there. After that it was just cleaning the classroom and relaxing.
And after that summer!!!!!
OK now I have to go. I’m going to see if I can make a new blog of my life in middle school. Till next time bye!!!