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25 May

Hey, I forgot to metion something. I can if you, like, answer any questions you ask me. So say if you have something that you want to get off your chest, just give me a comment and I’ll give my best answer that I can. I will be and always be your Internet buddy!!! 😉
So go on and comment!
See ya!!


Random Act of Kindness

23 May

Hey guys!!!!! It’s me! Sorry I haven’t come on for a while.

I wanted to talk about a trait which I think is pretty neat, It’s called a random act of kindness. The basic point of all of this is that you help a random stranger for no good reason. Awesome right :D. So the reason I’m bringing up this topic is that a teen-ager named Zach Sobiech, died 3 days ago from a type of cancer in his bones! :(!!! So he wrote a really awesome song called “Clouds”. It got over 4 MILLION HITS on youtube. Here’s the web site: Also 2 weeks ago, people from all over got over and made a mixed video and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO SWEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! Here is the link to that video:

So from now on I’m going to do a little challenge for all my viewers!!! I want you to do 3 different acts of kindness ( and no people from your school does not count, nice try though) to anybody that you do not know. Post your good deeds to me and I’ll reply back to you.

See ya!!! 😉